We provide you with an innovative energy solution. Using world-leading products, we are able to supply the energy needs of any size system – ranging from household requirements, to industrial and agricultural demands.

Our expert team of engineers, financial analysts and highly qualified contractors, ensures your ultimate smartgreen energy experience.

We do not sell products; we provide long-term energy solutions. And our service agreement takes your smartgreen investment to a next level.

Be bright, and join our committed smartgreen energy team, going BEYOND POWER!


Giving you the best energy solutions under the African Sun

Martin Walzer


Elizma Nass

Director Marketing

Marius Shardelow

Director Finance

Thomas Blinne

IT/Platform, Operations

Hendride Beer

System design & Technical support

Moritz Walzer

System design & Technical support


  • Energy management. Managing your energy for optimal use, and minimal loss. Our systems are not a combination of loose components working indivicually and independatn from each other.  We believe in a platform based intergrated system .
  • Monitoring systems. Superior monitoring systems helps you to make informed decisions about your energy situation, and also diagnose any interferences to optimal system functioning.
  • High performance, world leading technology, adapted for Africa. No matter how hot it gets, your system will not be damaged. All components are designed to withstand extreme conditions.
  • Performance guarantees. After 30 years of installations, your PV panels will still function at 80%.
  • Return on investment. Advanced projection calculations can tell you exactly how much you will save in the long run.
  • Continuous support. We are always available for support. In fact, thanks to our remote monitoring, we might contact you before you realise you need us!
  • Certified Contrators and technical assistance