General Questions

We understand Africa, and our solution is suitable for the harsh conditions presented by the continent. The technology is not new – but it is a first for Africa. Thanks to our award winning European partners, we bring your successful systems with a proven track record of 25 years. Instead of combining different components from different suppliers, we present you with a system, completely designed by one supplier. Your one stop energy solution!

Because we have “anti-aging” panels… Our high performance PV panels are certified for up to 125ºC surface temperatures– that is 40ºC above the industry norm. This means that the panel will not be damaged by extreme heat. Panels that are certified at lower temperatures, experience slight melting of components, that sets again at cooler temperatures. In the long run, this results in micro cracks that allow water from dew or rain to seep through – and electricity and water is never a good idea. The slight “short circuits” result in major performance loss.

Our batteries present superior energy density, with up to 15 years design life. Batteries in off-grid environments require special capabilities – our hard- and software is optimized to guarantee best performance and long service life.

Firstly, you will save a huge chunk of the environment. Secondly, you will never be without power. And thirdly, we will do a neat financial projection based on your specific needs to show you the benefits in black on white. Because all situations require different energy needs, there is not one size fits all. Contact us for a detailed analysis.

Systems are designed for a service life of 20+ years.

Systems are basically maintenance free, but a 3-year inspection interval is recommended. Thanks to our remote monitoring capability and pro-active adjustments, maintenance is limited.

An outstanding performance guarantee states that the panels will function at 90% capacity after 10 years, and 80% capacity after 30 years. All products are issued with a guarantee certificate.

The entire systems are monitored remotely, and 80-90% of all service issues are resolved remotely. Our monitoring capability ensures that you get pro-active notifications regarding any performance inadequacies – alerts can range from a layer of dust on your PV panels, or component functioning issues. We also conduct a 3-year inspection of all components.